The 29th holy site in Shikoku Mt. Mani Hozoin
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Kokubunji Temple Events  ΉCxg

21st of every month from 6am : Mie pray held at Daishido
28th of every month from 6am : Goma pray held at Koumeidenfudoudou

Events planned throughout the year
January Cultural asset fire prevention day, fire drill July First bon festival
February Setsubun celebrations (Bean Throwing Night) August 1 month late bon festival
Old bon festival
17th night festival
Kokubunji Temple annual festival,Autumn group visit
March Equinox
Spring group visit
September Equinox
Autumn group visit
April Lunar calendar flower festival, April 8 (with sweet tea) October  
May   November Daishoji branch temple festival
June   December Midnight event

The 29th holy site in Shikoku Mt. Mani Hozoin Tosa Kokubunji Temple Back to page top
546 Kokubunji, Nankoku-shi, Kochi Prefecture, 783-0053